Regret Nothing
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when I commit to a person, I FUCKING COMMIT. if their depression, anxiety or life comes knocking, you bet your ass i’m at the door with a double sided axe waiting for a good fight. 

you cant expect people, to always be happy, even if they are in love. because life doesn’t stop for anyone. But you can be there for the good fight. 

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I just want to sit here and cry

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If you find a girl that is willing to go through hell just to keep the relationship going, you really shouldn’t take her love for granted.

Going through hell for someone and in return being taken for granted was the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced. Never. Again.


Seventy Times 7 - Brand New
be cool & don’t repost or steal this, these are my own photos.

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My nights are for overthinking, my mornings are for oversleeping.